Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Last Monday, my parents asked me to fetch my brother from school. Before I arrived at his school, I saw lots of students rushing their way home.. This clearly brought some reminiscence of my past school days to me..

The lot of students consisting regular students, prefects, librarians and all sorts of new outfits that I couldn’t recognise of really reminds me of how colourful school days is.. Even if my school days aren’t consisting of much of a ‘study’.. Hehe..

Then I saw some delinquents’ school boy which I thought to myself “That was me back then.” Yes, I was a delinquent school boy back then but now I’ve changed.. But undeniably, being a delinquent brought me some of my best memories at school.. Enough of that ‘pleasant’ story..

On my way to my brother’s school, I also saw those persons who sell beverages to the school children. Surprisingly, I recognise one of them who sold beverages to me when I was form one! He still looks exactly the same with the smile on his face.. I mean how many years had it been and he still there.. I doubt that the lot of his previous customers didn’t recognise him but I do..

I have lots more on my mind about my school days but then it will make this post too long so I stop here.. Maybe next time..

p/s: maybe I'm a delinquent inside after all...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gender Confusion? What the fək!!

So what's this all about? Simple, it's about Gender!! Don't you read the bloody title mate? Duhh.. Frankly, I admit that tonight I'm all alone by myself with nothing to do. That's why I came up with this topic. Being alone makes one's emotion unstable and that is why I'll not be fair and I will be sexist and use sexist language in this post.

*You don't like it then you may fəkɪŋ skip this post.. savvy?

First and foremost, I just want to state that I posted this topic because I do not comprehend on what it means and why it is happening.. Gender confusion? Why is it happening in our social contexts and how severe it is? Owh yes I can assure you that it is quite severe..

I can't understand what's the deal for them to 'change' their gender.. Aren't they proud of what initially they are? Please folks! Be proud of what you are because you're made to be that way.

For male: Technically speaking, you're a more dominant beings than females in terms of strength and mind.. So why some of you wants to be female?

For female: You're the most beautiful, elegant and charming species in the world.. They're no comparison to it.. So why again some of you wants to be the brutes?

You all know deep down inside of you that both male and female have their own advantages.. They're no need to be something you're not when you can plunder the benefits that you can gain regarding your respective gender..

Last but not least, do not ever wish you were someone else because you're meant to be the way you are exactly.. I'm proud to be a male and glad that females are colouring the world..

p/s: For those 'in-between' gender, you can go home and fək yourself for all that I care.. But if you're wiling to change into your own proper self, then I declare you're a champion!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today I'm onto an interesting adventure.. My friend Zamir told me and my other friend Naim that he'd would like to treat us for supper.. So, at approximately 2am in the morning we departed from our rented house at section 16 Shah Alam and the destination was the Pizza Hut at section 7..

We went there by motorcycles but unfortunately it was closed. Actually we're not sure whether Pizza Hut is opened 24-7 or not but just barged through the idea.. Giving up was not the plan as we decided to try one other outlet at section 13..

Upon reaching there, we noticed that only the Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken are still opened but not the Pizza Hut.. Now we knew clearly that it's not open 24-7 we decided to go to the McDonalds at section 3.. There, we ordered a Mega Mac each and I told myself "It's a bloody big burger for supper".. Nevertheless, the burger was finished after a series of Jaw-tormenting and gnawing..

What I like after that is the conversation which took place between the three of us.. It was a very thought-provoking and interesting conversation. We talked about lots of things including Legal matters, Educational matters, Linguistic matters and how all of them intertwined with each other.. Then we went back to our rented house at section 16 at approximately 5.30am..

p/s: I'm still full thanks to Zamir.. ahaha

Monday, May 3, 2010


I don't know why but I feels like writing about my housemates or ex-housemates.. hehehe..
And the nominations are:

1. Naim Hanafiah: The iron chef.. cooks everything with the exceptions of those inedible stuffs..

Attack: 7/10, Defense: 9/10, Speed: 4/10
Special Ability: Super-Ultra-Loud-Screams!

2. Nik Alif Hakimi: The long-hair dude.. The whiner.. Can also cook..
Attack: 5/10, Defense: 4/10, Speed: 7/10
Special Ability: Hair-Whip and Super-Whining-Attack!

3. Khalis Bunyamin: Quiet fella.. loves sport and Manchester United..
Attack: 9/10, Defense: 2/10, Speed: 8/10
Special Ability: Hyper-MARA-Attack!

4. Ilman Nazhifi: The Sleeping Giant who is not to be awaken anytime soon..
Attack 10/10, Defense 10/10, Speed: 0.5/10
Special Ability: Super-Funny-Remarks!

5. Shazni Shawal: The dark knight guarding Ilman Nazhifi.. can cook.. sometimes emotional..
Attack: 7/10, Defense: 2/10, Speed: 5/10
Special Ability: Hyper-Gloom-Attack!

6. Zuhairi Zahari: The second dark knight guarding Ilman Nazhifi.. nocturnal dude..
Attack: 5/10, Defense: 3/10, Speed: 10/10
Special Ability: Super-Long-Hours-Of-Sleep-Attack!

7. AJ (bukan nama sebenar): A Justin Bieber-ish dude.. Laughs a lot..
Attack: 4/10, Defense, 4/10, Speed: 7/10
Special Ability: Sing-While-You-Shower-Attack!

8. Habibullah: The Shy Guy.. Good and funny fellow..
Attack: 5/10, Defense: 6/10, Speed: 8/10
Special Ability: Blush-Till-You-Red-Attack!

That's all.. ahahahaha

p/s: If it's offending any of you, tell me.. I might consider alterations.. :)

A Happy Day!!

Today is a very happy day! At 2pm I went to Sunway with my friends to release our so-called stresses.. Ahaha..
This is what we did there:

1. First, we went to karaoke for almost three hours.. It's very exciting as my friends Budin, Marhanis and Shazni sang really well and lots too.. For me? it's only just as usual.. huhu..

2. After screaming our throats off, we went for a movie: Ironman II. The movie was quite exciting, funny and also action-packed.. :)

3. "Sushi King" is the word after that as we (now Ilman included haha) ate there.. The funniest thing occurred then was Ilman and Budin ate a sushi with lost of wasabi.. and I do mean LOTS.. I couldn't possibly forget that precious Ilman's face after he ate it.. His eyes 'glowed' red and he turns green himself with sweats drains through his face as perks.. ahahaha.. The same goes with budin too.. Seriously I salute both boys for their so-called achievement.. :) I couldn't eat that amount of wasabi because I have migrain and I literally will blow my brain out if I do it.. savvy?

4. Finally, a hot caramel macchiatto completed my day.. It's been so long since I 'sipped' one.. ahaha.. But it's not the same without E'in and Hanan.. huhu.. Where are you guys when I'm with my caramel?

p/s: Money $$ flies away~~

Sunday, May 2, 2010

fəkɪŋ bored!!

Currently 2nd of May 2010 6.03pm, I feel like writing about my state of emotions.. Well.. why not? It's so dang boring today as there's not much to do after I'd finished my final exam a few days ago..

What I really wanted to state is how boring it can be when you don't have much to do in the present time.. It's just that it's fəkɪŋ boring right now I feel like kicking someone..

Sure I watch some movies, animes or whatever but still I find that it is empty inside.. On the bright side, being in this state of solitude brings lots of unintentional thoughts in my head.. I've been thinking about the future, the past and even the world..

I've been thinking that perhaps this state of feelings that I've experiencing now is the beacon of my youth days.. Perhaps one day when and if I read this post again I may laugh my way out..

Saturday, May 1, 2010


So, this is my second blog which is totally different than the previous one. Why is that? Well, it's because in this blog I won't be using much standard language but I'll use a more vernacular language.

The reason for this is because I want more freedom to write... or... in this case 'type'... What you my friends or readers should expect is there will be some profanity languages in my posts after this.

Not only that, other aspects such as the use of colloquialism, cliche', regionalisms lexicon, euphemism (if any), doublespeak (is any), slang, jargon and even grammatical errors will be present in the posts.

Furthermore, my critical thinking skills will be in and out in this particular blog because I'll just write whatever thoughts that I have without considering it critically. Besides, it's my bloody blog and not yours right? In your blog, YOU can write whatever you want.. savvy? Good! That's that I think... I'm just too lazy to write more.