Sunday, May 2, 2010

fəkɪŋ bored!!

Currently 2nd of May 2010 6.03pm, I feel like writing about my state of emotions.. Well.. why not? It's so dang boring today as there's not much to do after I'd finished my final exam a few days ago..

What I really wanted to state is how boring it can be when you don't have much to do in the present time.. It's just that it's fəkɪŋ boring right now I feel like kicking someone..

Sure I watch some movies, animes or whatever but still I find that it is empty inside.. On the bright side, being in this state of solitude brings lots of unintentional thoughts in my head.. I've been thinking about the future, the past and even the world..

I've been thinking that perhaps this state of feelings that I've experiencing now is the beacon of my youth days.. Perhaps one day when and if I read this post again I may laugh my way out..


  1. well...
    I don't understand sepatah haram..hahaha..
    visit my blog too..i just do it today..hak3..
    just want to release tension..hak3..

  2. Abe deni kita wehh..
    bajet xpehe dioo~ ahahah