Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gender Confusion? What the fək!!

So what's this all about? Simple, it's about Gender!! Don't you read the bloody title mate? Duhh.. Frankly, I admit that tonight I'm all alone by myself with nothing to do. That's why I came up with this topic. Being alone makes one's emotion unstable and that is why I'll not be fair and I will be sexist and use sexist language in this post.

*You don't like it then you may fəkɪŋ skip this post.. savvy?

First and foremost, I just want to state that I posted this topic because I do not comprehend on what it means and why it is happening.. Gender confusion? Why is it happening in our social contexts and how severe it is? Owh yes I can assure you that it is quite severe..

I can't understand what's the deal for them to 'change' their gender.. Aren't they proud of what initially they are? Please folks! Be proud of what you are because you're made to be that way.

For male: Technically speaking, you're a more dominant beings than females in terms of strength and mind.. So why some of you wants to be female?

For female: You're the most beautiful, elegant and charming species in the world.. They're no comparison to it.. So why again some of you wants to be the brutes?

You all know deep down inside of you that both male and female have their own advantages.. They're no need to be something you're not when you can plunder the benefits that you can gain regarding your respective gender..

Last but not least, do not ever wish you were someone else because you're meant to be the way you are exactly.. I'm proud to be a male and glad that females are colouring the world..

p/s: For those 'in-between' gender, you can go home and fək yourself for all that I care.. But if you're wiling to change into your own proper self, then I declare you're a champion!

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