Monday, May 3, 2010


I don't know why but I feels like writing about my housemates or ex-housemates.. hehehe..
And the nominations are:

1. Naim Hanafiah: The iron chef.. cooks everything with the exceptions of those inedible stuffs..

Attack: 7/10, Defense: 9/10, Speed: 4/10
Special Ability: Super-Ultra-Loud-Screams!

2. Nik Alif Hakimi: The long-hair dude.. The whiner.. Can also cook..
Attack: 5/10, Defense: 4/10, Speed: 7/10
Special Ability: Hair-Whip and Super-Whining-Attack!

3. Khalis Bunyamin: Quiet fella.. loves sport and Manchester United..
Attack: 9/10, Defense: 2/10, Speed: 8/10
Special Ability: Hyper-MARA-Attack!

4. Ilman Nazhifi: The Sleeping Giant who is not to be awaken anytime soon..
Attack 10/10, Defense 10/10, Speed: 0.5/10
Special Ability: Super-Funny-Remarks!

5. Shazni Shawal: The dark knight guarding Ilman Nazhifi.. can cook.. sometimes emotional..
Attack: 7/10, Defense: 2/10, Speed: 5/10
Special Ability: Hyper-Gloom-Attack!

6. Zuhairi Zahari: The second dark knight guarding Ilman Nazhifi.. nocturnal dude..
Attack: 5/10, Defense: 3/10, Speed: 10/10
Special Ability: Super-Long-Hours-Of-Sleep-Attack!

7. AJ (bukan nama sebenar): A Justin Bieber-ish dude.. Laughs a lot..
Attack: 4/10, Defense, 4/10, Speed: 7/10
Special Ability: Sing-While-You-Shower-Attack!

8. Habibullah: The Shy Guy.. Good and funny fellow..
Attack: 5/10, Defense: 6/10, Speed: 8/10
Special Ability: Blush-Till-You-Red-Attack!

That's all.. ahahahaha

p/s: If it's offending any of you, tell me.. I might consider alterations.. :)


  1. dood i'm more than that! u don't want alterations i want additions! =D

  2. Additions? what additions do you propose? ahahaha