Monday, May 3, 2010

A Happy Day!!

Today is a very happy day! At 2pm I went to Sunway with my friends to release our so-called stresses.. Ahaha..
This is what we did there:

1. First, we went to karaoke for almost three hours.. It's very exciting as my friends Budin, Marhanis and Shazni sang really well and lots too.. For me? it's only just as usual.. huhu..

2. After screaming our throats off, we went for a movie: Ironman II. The movie was quite exciting, funny and also action-packed.. :)

3. "Sushi King" is the word after that as we (now Ilman included haha) ate there.. The funniest thing occurred then was Ilman and Budin ate a sushi with lost of wasabi.. and I do mean LOTS.. I couldn't possibly forget that precious Ilman's face after he ate it.. His eyes 'glowed' red and he turns green himself with sweats drains through his face as perks.. ahahaha.. The same goes with budin too.. Seriously I salute both boys for their so-called achievement.. :) I couldn't eat that amount of wasabi because I have migrain and I literally will blow my brain out if I do it.. savvy?

4. Finally, a hot caramel macchiatto completed my day.. It's been so long since I 'sipped' one.. ahaha.. But it's not the same without E'in and Hanan.. huhu.. Where are you guys when I'm with my caramel?

p/s: Money $$ flies away~~