Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Last Monday, my parents asked me to fetch my brother from school. Before I arrived at his school, I saw lots of students rushing their way home.. This clearly brought some reminiscence of my past school days to me..

The lot of students consisting regular students, prefects, librarians and all sorts of new outfits that I couldn’t recognise of really reminds me of how colourful school days is.. Even if my school days aren’t consisting of much of a ‘study’.. Hehe..

Then I saw some delinquents’ school boy which I thought to myself “That was me back then.” Yes, I was a delinquent school boy back then but now I’ve changed.. But undeniably, being a delinquent brought me some of my best memories at school.. Enough of that ‘pleasant’ story..

On my way to my brother’s school, I also saw those persons who sell beverages to the school children. Surprisingly, I recognise one of them who sold beverages to me when I was form one! He still looks exactly the same with the smile on his face.. I mean how many years had it been and he still there.. I doubt that the lot of his previous customers didn’t recognise him but I do..

I have lots more on my mind about my school days but then it will make this post too long so I stop here.. Maybe next time..

p/s: maybe I'm a delinquent inside after all...

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